Privacy Statement

We collect data and information from you whenever you visit our website, browse through our webpages, and read our articles. In addition, when contacting us using our online form, you may be asked to enter pertinent personal and professional details including name, physical address, and email address, among others. Our third-party tools also deposit cookies in your computer to track your activity and behavior while you visit and browse across our website. Below are further details of our privacy statement:

Collection and Use of Data and Information

We use tracking methods to prevent site abuse; ensure optimum site performance; customize the delivery of advertisements; and to identify our website visitors to improve usability, user engagement, and customer service. This involves using trusted third-party tools, particularly Google Analytics and Google AdSense, as well the Ezoic platform, that deposit cookies on your device. The specific privacy statement for Ezoic can be found here for the GDPR and EU Regulations, and here for CCPA compliance.

Every browsing session involves depositing two types of cookies: analytics cookies and advertising cookies. Analytics cookies track and record your website activity, while also collecting data and information needed to understand you as our website visitor. On the other hand, advertising cookies also track needed data and information to deliver targeted advertisements, while also tracking the performance of ad placements.

From time to time, we may share aggregated data concerning website traffic and user engagement metrics to third parties, such as advertisers, analysts, and investors. Rest assured, however, that such data will only reflect demographics such as age and gender; geographical data such as general location, including country and city, as well as language preference; general psychographics such as interests and hobbies; and technical data such as type of device used, type of browser used, and IP address.

Take note that we do not collect nor have the capacity to collect data or information that can reveal or pinpoint your personal identity, including sensitive personal information such as name, specific address, contact information. Our tracking tools from Google Analytics and Google AdSense are bound by existing privacy and data protection laws, including U.S. laws such as the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; European Union laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation; and other privacy and data protection laws and standards.

We follow the same privacy and data protection laws and standards. Remember that you do not need to give us your personal or any other sensitive personal information to browse through our website and read or consume our contents. Our third-party tools only collect data and information that we need to monitor website activities and user engagement.

Storage and Protection of Data and Information

We implement security measures to maintain the safety and privacy of data and information obtained from our website users and visitors. All information contained in messages coursed through the website as well as those data and information of authors, contributors, and subscribers, including name and contact information, are housed in our user-restricted database. Only selected personnel with certain access levels have access to our secured database.

For general website visitors, especially the consumers of our contents, our third-party tools, particularly Google Analytics and Google AdSense, handle the storage of data collected using deposited cookies. Remember that these providers of third-party tools are bounded by national and international laws and standards pertaining to rights to privacy and more specific data privacy and protection provisions.

Visitors of have options for deleting or disabling the cookies stored in their devices. Generally, these options are available under the settings menu of prominent web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Android Browser, among others. Deleting these cookies will simply restart your interaction with our website—particularly once you visited the website again. However, disabling cookies will prevent our thirst-party tools from depositing cookies in your device and thus, collecting specific data and information such as city, and interests and hobbies, among others.

We value our users and visitors. Remember that the use of our website involves the transmission of data and information between the user and our company, especially our host providers and third-party tools. However, transmissions are susceptible to breaches and vulnerabilities. This is why we have employed the use of encryption technology, particularly Transport Layer Security, to secure your connections whenever you visit our website.

Data and Information for Online Advertising

The sustainability of, specifically our ability to deliver free contents and other related services, depends on online advertising. We do not put up a paywall because we want to keep our contents, especially the information from those contents, as open as possible. Hence, our website uses ad networks such as Google AdSense and other ad service providers to help present ad contents targeted according to the profile of the users.

It is important to note that third-party vendors, including Google AdSense, use cookies or other to serve targeted ads that are based on your data. Generally speaking, whenever you visit, these ad networks collect important but limited data and information such as age and gender, general location such as country and city, language preference, IP address, type of device and type of browser used, and interest and hobbies.

Users can opt out from targeted ads. Click here to learn more. In addition, please also read our terms and conditions to familiarize yourself better with overall website usage.