The Pros and Cons of Big Data

Big Data is not just a fad or a buzz terminology. The rate at which societies in developed and developing countries generate data has become a goldmine for organizations seeking to use large data sets to understand their audience and improve their performance. This article concisely discusses the pros or advantages, as well as the […]

“Good Theory” According to Stephen Hawking

What is a good theory? What are the components that make a theory good? How do renowned thinkers describe a good theory? In his book “A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes” first published in 1988, widely celebrated theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking briefly discussed what he strongly deemed are the […]

The 4 Vs of Big Data

The so-called 4 Vs are the defining properties or dimensions of Big Data. In other words, these are the specific attributes that qualify a large set of data as a Big Data. Nevertheless, these 4 Vs are volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. What Are the 4 Vs of Big Data: The Properties or Characteristics of […]

Quantum Dots Explained

Quantum dots or QDs are nanocrystalline semiconducting materials that have optical and electrical properties. Their sizes range from two to fifty nanometers. Most types of quantum dots have either photoluminescent or electroluminescent properties. In other words, they emit light when excited by light or electricity. What Are Quantum Dots? What Are Their Properties? It is […]

QLED vs. OLED: What Is The Difference?

QLED is a new type of display developed, manufactured, and marketed by Samsung. It is based on quantum dot technology in which nanosized particles called quantum dots are used to produce light and generate colors. Despite having a somewhat similar sound to OLED, QLEDs are different. What is the Difference Between QLED and OLED? The […]

What Is Error 404?

An Error 404 or 404 Not Found error prompt is a standard response code in Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP. In other words, it is a standard error in Internet compunction. But What Exactly are Error 404s? What Does It Mean? Receiving an Error 404 prompt or a “404 Not Found” error message simply means […]

The Difference Between Hardware and Software

Two major components constitute a typical computer system. These are the physical hardware and the computer software. Hardware vs. Software: What is the Difference? For starters, the hardware corresponds to all physical or tangible parts or components of a computer to include the central processing unit, motherboard, graphics processing unit, input components such as keyboards […]

Benefits of Continuously Variable Transmission

Although continuously variable transmission or CVT has several disadvantages when compared to a manual or traditional automatic transmission, it also has notable benefits or advantages that make it a popular type of transmission nowadays. The Pros: What Are The Benefits or Advantages of Continuously Variable Transmission? 1. A notable benefit of continuously variable advantage is that […]

Drawbacks of Continuously Variable Transmission

Continuously variable transmission or CVT is a type of automatic transmission with several benefits or advantages stemming from its gearless nature that allows automatic and seamless changes in the engine-wheel speed ratio. However, despite its growing popularity, it is important to note that CVT has disadvantages and limitations. The Cons: What are the Limitations and […]

The Applications of Machine Learning

Although it has drawbacks or limitations, the advantages of machine learning translate to numerous applications that collectively center on process improvements. The General Applications of Machine Learning 1. Automation of Processes: One of the practical applications of machine learning involves the utilization of autonomous or self-learning computers and applications that can lead to process automation. […]