Ceramic Coating: Advantages and Disadvantages

Ceramic Coating: Advantages and Disadvantages

A ceramic coating or nano-ceramic coating is a process of applying a liquid polymer on the exterior surface of an automotive vehicle to protect the paint from fading, minor scratches and abrasions, and stains, thus preserving luster and minimizing carwash frequency. Note that the exterior of a vehicle is regularly exposed to elements and objects […]

Benefits of Continuously Variable Transmission

Although continuously variable transmission or CVT has several disadvantages when compared to a manual or traditional automatic transmission, it also has notable benefits or advantages that make it a popular type of transmission nowadays. The Pros: What Are The Benefits or Advantages of Continuously Variable Transmission? 1. A notable benefit of continuously variable advantage is that […]

Drawbacks of Continuously Variable Transmission

Continuously variable transmission or CVT is a type of automatic transmission with several benefits or advantages stemming from its gearless nature that allows automatic and seamless changes in the engine-wheel speed ratio. However, despite its growing popularity, it is important to note that CVT has disadvantages and limitations. The Cons: What are the Limitations and […]