What is a Health Risk Factor?

What is a health risk factor? Or in other words, what does it mean when people say that someone is at risk or has a risk factor for developing a certain disease? Health Risk Factor: A Brief Definition For starters, a health risk factor is anything that changes the chance of a person of getting […]

Causes of Ebola outbreak

What Are the Causes of Ebola Outbreak?

Direct contact with body fluids such as blood and secretion entering through cuts in the skin or mucous membranes is the only mode of transmission of ebolaviruses. It is in this regard that the flu virus is more contagious because it is airborne. However, despite the aforementioned, numerous Ebola outbreaks have been recorded since the […]

7 Ways Smoking Damages the Skin

7 Ways Smoking Damages the Skin

Smoking is bad for health. However, others are not to keen to heed this warning. Perhaps, knowing how tobacco smoking damages the skin can help some smokers to quit the habit. How Smoking Ruins the Skin? How Does it Affect Skin Health? 1. Smoking damages the skin by breaking down a group of proteins called collagen. […]

Keto Diet: Medical and Therapeutic Applications

Ketogenic diet or keto diet has become a diet fad among fitness and weight loss enthusiasts. However, members of the medical and healthcare professional have warned about its drawbacks and associated negative health effects. It is important to note that before it has become a diet fat, keto diet was originally developed for medical and […]

Ketogenic Diet: The Drawbacks and Dangers

Ketogenic diet or keto diet has numerous benefits or advantages that confer several health benefits and medical applications, especially in the management of epilepsy, metabolic disorders, and by extension, in weight management. However, this diet is not for everyone due to its drawbacks and associated dangers or health-related risks. Risks: The Drawbacks and Dangers of […]