Brexit: Why UK Left the European Union?

Brexit: Why UK Left the European Union?

What is Brexit? Why did the majority of the people in the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union? Why U.K. left the EU? This article provides a quick guide to understanding Brexit and the arguments against EU membership.

Brexit Simplified: Reasons Why the United Kingdom Left the European Union

1. Several politicians and economist believe that the European Union has been inefficient in resolving economic issues as evident from the Eurozone Crisis.

2. The fact that nations and states operate under a single economic bloc means that economic crises originating from a single or few countries can affect other member-countries.

3. Another reason why U.K. left the EU is that the supposed supranational government failed to challenge the trade and economic practices of China.

4. The European Union also threatens the sovereignty of its member-countries because non-elected individuals make laws and decisions for countries they do not live in.

5. Lack of confidence in globalization and intergovernmental organization and coordination is at the center of Euroscepticism and thus, a reason behind Brexit.

6. With regard to the United Kingdom, one of the causes of Brexit comes from its longstanding assertion of sovereignty as evident from its refusal to use the Euro currency.

7. History plays a role in understanding the reason why U.K. left the EU because the country has taken pride over its independence over a supranational authority.

8. Another reason for Brexit is concerns about immigration because being part of the EU allows the free movement of migrants from other EU member-countries.

9. The people in the U.K. wanted to leave the EU because of the perceived threats of migrants to their employment and overall national security.

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