iPad 10th Gen (2022) Quick Review: Pros and Cons

iPad 10th Gen (2022) Quick Review: Pros and Cons

The tenth-generation iPad or the iPad 10th Gen and iPad 2022 has adopted the overall design principle used in the iPad Pro since the iPad Pro 3rd Gen, the iPad Air since the iPad Air 5th Gen, and the iPad Mini since the iPad Mini 6. It also sports a more powerful processor compared with the previous iPad 9th Gen that gives it processing capabilities closer or similar to the previous generations of the Pro and Air.

Pros of iPad 10th Gen (2022): New Features and Selling Points

Apple introduced the iPad 10th Gen on its 18 October 2022 alongside the announcement of the iPad Pro 6th Gen. The entry-level iPad has featured significant cosmetic improvements in addition to the inclusion of the Apple A14 Bionic system-on-a-chip. This newer generation of the entry-level iPad also comes with other improvements.

Below are the key features and advantages of this device:

• More Powerful Processing: The A14 chip has a 6-core CPU, a 4-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine. Note that this same chip has powered the entire iPhone 12 line of smartphones and it has 12 percent better CPU and about 15 percent better GPU performances than the Apple A13 chip.

• Smaller Chip Process Node: It is also worth mentioning that the A14 is based on the 5nm process node compared to the 7nm process node of the Apple A13. This translates to more than 16 percent better power efficiency a transistor count of 11.8 billion compared to the 8.5 billion transistor count of the A13.

• Newer and Modern Design: One of the main selling points. of the iPad 10th Gen is its new design. It has flatter edges and slimmer bezels on all sides akin to both the newer generations of the iPad Pro and iPad Air. Its entire look is more modern. The device also comes in 4 color variants: Blue, Pink, Silver, and Yellow.

• Front Camera Placement: Another advantage of the iPad 10th Gen over the previous generation, as well as other lines of iPad, is the placement of its 12MP ultra-wide front-facing camera. It is now located on the top-center of the landscape edge. This allows a better video calling and conferencing experience.

• New Connectivity Features: This new iPad ditches the Lightning port and now charges and connects using a USB-C port. It is also equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6 while cellular models support sub-6 GHz 5G. These new hardware and connectivity features future-proof the iPad 10th Gen.

Cons of iPad 10th Gen (2022): Limitations and Major Issues

It is true that the new entry-level iPad 10th Gen has notable upgrades compared to its predecessor. The landscape-oriented front-facing camera of this device is even superior to the previous and current generations of the iPad Air and iPad Pro. However, despite these advantages and selling points, it has notable drawbacks.

Below are the key issues and disadvantages of this device:

• Expensive Starting Price: Apple decides to bump the price of this newer entry-level iPad to USD 499.00 for the 64GB base model. Note that this is USD 120.00 more expensive than the 9th Gen entry-level iPad which remains available in authorized Apple retailers and other third-party retailers.

• High-Priced Accessories: One of the pros of the iPad 10th Gen is its support for a new Magic Keyboard Portfolio and the 1st Gen Apple Pencil. Note that these two accessories are expensive. The first-gen Apple Pencil also connects via a Lightning port. Users need to purchase a separate dongle adapter for charging.

• Low Storage Configuration: Remember that the base model has a storage configuration of 64GB. This is a low storage space considering the standards today. Even mid-tier Android tablets that retail for the same price points have higher configurations. Those who want a 256GB storage need to spend USD 599.00.

Disappointing Screen Display: The screen is also disappointing. It still sports the same Liquid Retina branding that uses an IPS LCD technology found in earlier generations. However, because it is not a laminated display, has brightness shifts, and has an inferior anti-glare coating, the device hardly not justifies its expensive price tag.

Lacks Newer iPadOS Features: Another major disadvantage of the iPad 10th Gen is that it lacks features found on the newer generations of the iPad Air and iPad Pro. These include multitasking features such as the Stage Manager and the self-centering feature of the front-facing camera called Center Stage.

Verdict: The Good and The Bad About The iPad 10th Gen (2022)

The iPad 10th Gen or the 2022 iPad looks good. It is also undeniably more powerful. However, considering the fact that it is more expensive than the previous generation and its price is several bucks closer to an iPad Air, this device from Apple seems to sit at an awkward place between a true entry-level iPad and a mid-range iPad.

First-time users who do not need excess processing capabilities are better off purchasing the iPad 9th Gen or a mid-range Android tablet. Those who already own the 9th Gen model should hold on to their devices and wait for another year or two to upgrade. The 2021 entry-level iPad remains a decent and capable device for most users.

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