macOS Review: The Pros and Cons

macOS Review: The Pros and Cons

The Pros of macOS: What Makes it a Good Computer Operating System?

1. Comes With Useful Free Productivity Apps

The selection of free Apple-developed apps preinstalled in a Mac device or available for downloaded through the App Store is another advantage of macOS. For example, there are office productivity apps such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote that are free unlike the Microsoft Office Suite apps that are generally sold separately.

2. Simple and Cleaner User Interface than Windows

When stacked up against Windows, macOS has the advantage of having a user interface that is simpler and more upfront. Those who are familiar with the iOS mobile operating system used in iPhones and iPads will find using macOS very familiar. Apps are generally downloaded via the App Store and can be found in a central location called the Launchpad.

3. Has Dedicated Features for Multitasking

Several multitasking features are native to macOS and Mac devices. The operating system has a feature for running multiple workspaces that are similar to opening numerous desktops or home screens. Mac devices have dedicated keys and other hardware inputs such as gestures for switching between apps or workspaces.

4. Optimized Software and Hardware Due to Better Integration

Another advantage of macOS is that it runs with less to zero hiccups. Apple is both a hardware designer and a software developer. Third-party hardware components are selected based on established criteria while third-party apps undergo tests and verifications for compatibility and security. The strong attention to software-hardware integration results in optimized performance.

5. Less Susceptibility to Malware and Security Issues

Take note that macOS is still susceptible to malware. However, when compared to Windows, there are few types of malware developed specifically for the macOS. It is also important to note that Apple regularly provides security updates for the entire operating system and its apps. The fact that apps can be generally downloaded via the App Store means that there is a fewer risk of installing other apps from suspicious developers.

6. Compatibility with Other Apple Devices and Services

Apple has developed and marketed products and services that are seamlessly compatible with one another. Both macOS and iOS have a near similar user interface and workflow logic. In addition, apps developed by Apple and those from third parties have versions available for both macOS and iOS. Files or data are synchronized across devices due to dedicated and free cloud services from Apple.

The Cons of macOS: What Makes it a Bad Computer Operating System?

1. Limited and Restricted Availability of Apps

One of the drawbacks of macOS is that it still has a limited number of apps. Note that Windows enjoy a huge selection of apps from different categories and it also has a broader selection of games. macOS is not ideal for gamers. It is worth mentioning that Windows devices are more accessible than Mac devices. Hence, developers prioritize developing for Windows because of the better market reach.

2. Inflexibility for Hardware Upgrades and Customization

Although not a direct limitation or disadvantage of macOS, it is still important to mention that Mac devices have a limited option for hardware upgrades. For instance, the CPU or RAM of a MacBook laptop or iMac desktop cannot be replaced easily because these components are deeply integrated with the entire hardware system. A number of Windows computers provide a better level for customization and upgrades.

3. It Can Be Very Expensive to Own a macOS Device

MacBook laptops and iMac desktops are very expensive when compared to Windows-based counterparts with similar or better hardware specifications. Take note that macOS is exclusive for Mac devices. Hence, another key disadvantage of this operating system is that it is very expensive to own. There are workarounds for installing macOS on non-Apple devices, but this is illegal.

4. Lacks Appeal for Hardcore Gamers

Remember that macOS has limited game titles and restricted options for hardware upgrades or customization. What these facts mean is that both the operating system and Mac devices are not appealing for gamers. Although high-end Mac devices have capable hardware features, the lack of game titles and the fact that these devices are more expensive than their Windows-based counterparts dissuade both gamers and game developers alike. Essentially, macOS is not marketed for gamers.

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