Nintendo Switch Lite Review: Pros and Cons

Nintendo Switch Lite Review: Pros and Cons

On 20 September 2019, Nintendo released a newer version of the Nintendo Switch—the Nintendo Switch Lite. This dedicated handheld game console has most of the features and capabilities of its older and bigger siblings but in a more compact form factor.

Pros of Nintendo Switch Lite: Reasons Why You Should Buy

When Nintendo introduced the Lite version, it immediately sold 1.95 million units worldwide just 10 days after its launch. What makes it appealing is the sizeable and decent game library that made Switch one of the most successful video game consoles in the market.

The following are the key selling points and reasons why you should buy this portable handheld game console from Nintendo:

• More Compact and Light Form Factor: The original Nintendo Switch is also a handheld game console that can be docked and become a tabletop console similar to Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation. However, when used as a handheld device, it still rests on the heavier and bulkier side.

Nevertheless, one of the main selling points of Nintendo Switch Lite, as well as one of its advantages is its portable form factor. It has a 5.5-inch screen and a total measurement of 3.6 inches by 8.2 inches. It also weighs 0.61 pounds or 280 grams.

Its bigger brother weighs 319 grams and has an overall dimension of 6.90 inches by 4.00 inches, as well as a thinness of 0.55 inches and either an in-plane switching LCD or OLED screen that has a diagonal measurement of 6.2 inches.

The Lite is essentially an easier-to-carry device perfect for on-the-go gamers. It is also easier and more comfortable to hold due to its lighter weight and more compact form factor, thereby making it ideal for prolonged gaming sessions.

• Expansive Library of Video Games: Most of the game titles available for the original switch are also available for the Lite. These include titles exclusive to Nintendo such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The availability of these game titles makes it a competent game console that can rival the game libraries of its main competitors such as Xbox and PlayStation while outcompeting other handheld alternatives such as Android smartphones and iPhones.

It is important to note that most of the games available for this device are more immersive and graphically rich when compared to games available for Android and iOS, as well as earlier handheld consoles such as Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable Vita.

• Inexpensive But Capable Game Console: Another advantage of the Nintendo Switch Lite, especially when compared with its bigger brother and other consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation is its price point.

The introductory price of this device is USD 199.00 but some retailers sell them for USD 20.00 cheaper or for a slightly higher price with included game titles. It is cheaper than gaming-centric Android devices than can retail above USD 300.00.

Note that the original Switch retails for about a hundred dollars more or for USD 299.99 for the LCD variant and USD 350.00 for the Switch OLED model. A gamer can fundamentally use the money he or she saves to purchase game titles.

Cons of Nintendo Switch Lite: Reasons Why You Should Not Buy

The Lite is incontestably one of the best handheld game consoles ever designed and marketed for the video gaming market. Furthermore, its introduction reinvigorated the market segment for handheld gaming. However, it is not a perfect device.

The following are the issues and reasons why you should not buy this portable handheld game console from Nintendo:

• May Not Be Ideal For Bigger Hands: Remember that one of the strengths of this device is its more compact and lighter form factor that makes it easier to carry around and held for an extended period compared with the original Switch.

However, this same advantage is also a notable drawback for some people, especially those with bigger hands. The device can feel too small for these gamers. It can be uncomfortable for prolonged gaming and affect the entire experience.

It is also important to highlight the directional pad. It is also too small for people with big bigger hands and thumbs. Some gamers can struggle when playing game titles that require more precision and pinpoint control.

• Specific Hardware Issues and Drawbacks: Another disadvantage of the Nintendo Switch Lite is its hardware components that can feel underwhelming when compared with its bigger brother and tabletop game consoles.

Unlike the original Switch, the Lite cannot be docked nor has a television output. It remains a handheld-only console. Furthermore, it has no vibration, which is certainly not ideal for gamers who want a more immersive gaming experience.

It only comes with an LCD variant. Note that OLED screens provide a superior viewing experience because of their deep blacks and higher contrast ratio. The size of the 5.5-inch display can also be off-putting for some individuals.

• Not Compatible With All Switch Games: Remember that the Lite can run most of the games available for the original Switch with issues. However, the fact remains that it can run most of the games in the Switch library but not all.

The original Switch has unique hardware features that have been utilized by some game developers to maximize the gaming experience. Examples include two-player mode games or specific game titles that depend on gestures.

Furthermore, because the Lite does not connect to a television, gamers are limited to playing their games on a small screen. The device is fundamentally for a single player and the games are meant to be consumed alone.

Should You Buy the Nintendo Switch Light: Conclusion and Takeaways

The aforementioned pros and cons of Nintendo Switch Light make this device a true-blue handheld-only game console reminiscent of previous consoles such as the Nintendo DS and PSP Vita, as well as dedicated Android gaming devices.

Of course, despite its notable drawbacks, it is important to highlight the fact that its large library of games which includes titles from top-tier game developers and even indie developers makes it a great value for those hard-earned bucks.

It is also essential to mention that the Nintendo Switch Lite has almost the same processing capabilities as the original Switch and OLED model. The general feel and overall gaming experience when using Lite are almost the same as playing with its bigger brother.

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