TN LCD: Advantages and Disadvantages

TN LCD: The Pros and Cons

Twisted nematic or TN LCD is a type of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display or TFT-LCD that is commonly used in an array of consumer electronic devices such as digital watches and calculators, as well as computer monitors and mobile phones. Note that it is the most common type of LCD technology because of its lowered manufacturing cost than IPS LCD.

Pros: Advantages and Applications of Twisted Nematic LCD

Below are the pros and uses of TN LCD technology:

1. One advantage of twisted nematic or TN LCD over other display technologies such as IPS LCD, VA display, and OLED is affordability. The technology behind TN LCDs is easier to implement, thus translating to inexpensive manufacturing cost and affordable market price.

2. Energy efficiency is another strength of twisted nematic LCD when compared to IPS LCD and VA display. It can run under low operating voltages and does not require a current flow to operate. Hence, TN LCDs are suitable for low-powered devices.

3. Another notable advantage of twisted nematic LCD is that it has the fastest pixel response rate and highest refresh rate than its counterpart display technologies, particularly IPS LCD and to some extent, OLED display. These characteristics make TNs a favorite in the gaming community.

The Cons: Disadvantages and Limitations of Twisted Nematic LCD

Below are the cons and drawbacks of TN LCD technology:

1. Limited viewing angle is a main disadvantage of twisted nematic LCD. To be specific, when viewed from an angle, images appear darker and color seems less vivid on a TN LCDs. Viewing experience suffers due to this.

2. Another disadvantage of TNs is that it has the poorest color reproduction among the different types of LCD technologies, such as IPS LCD and VA LCD. TNs only have a color depth of 262,144 possible colors.

3. Quality is also an issue. The quality of a particular twisted nematic LCD panel depends on its manufacturer. However, because twisted nematic is generally cheap to manufacture, there are low-end models that severely highlights the disadvantages of TN LCD.

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