Distributive Bargaining vs. Integrative Negotiation

Distributive bargaining and integrative bargaining are two primary types of strategy used in negotiation or conflict resolution. Take note that these two strategies are inherently different from one another in terms of principles, approach or the involved processes, as well as negotiation outcomes The Difference Between Distributive Bargaining and Integrative Negotiation Distributive bargaining is a […]

What is a White Paper?

A white paper is a type of nonfiction literature or more appropriately, an authoritative report prepared by a government agency or a non-government entity to inform target readers about a complex issue and explain their position on the matter. The term “white paper” originated with the government of the United Kingdom. The earliest known usage […]

The Purpose of Monetary Policy

A monetary policy is a macroeconomic tool used by governments through their respective monetary authorities to influence economic growth. Take note that depending on the country, a monetary authority can either be a central bank, a currency board, or another government-appointed regulatory body. The primary purpose of a monetary policy is to expand or contract […]

What is the Purpose of After-Sales Service?

After-Sales service is an example of a sales promotion activity. By definition, it includes all business activities geared toward customer satisfaction beyond the point of sales. The Purposes and Benefits of After-Sales Service Below are the six major purposes and corresponding benefits of after-sales services: • To build and maintain a relationship with the customers: […]

Drawbacks and Risks of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has several benefits that correspond to numerous applications. However, this alternative type of funding has disadvantages or more specifically, drawbacks and risks. Disadvantages and Criticisms: Drawbacks and Risks of Crowdfunding • Projects need to be compelling enough to gain public interest and draw funding from the crowd. Fund seekers need to provide a viable […]

Crowdfunding: Applications and Benefits

Despite criticisms and risks, the advantages or benefits of crowdfunding has brought forth numerous applications and corresponding gains to both fund seekers and funders. The Applications of Crowdfunding Crowdfunding has been applied for various purposes. Take note of the following: • An alternative financing option that serves as a source of initial capital for startup […]

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: Benefits and Applications

Although it has some drawbacks and limitations, it is still impossible to discredit the benefits and practical applications of the Five Forces Model of Michael E. Porter. Take note that this analytical framework is useful for examining the external situation of an organization in consideration of its competitive situation. The results can help an organization […]

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: Drawbacks and Limitations

The Five Forces Model is an analytical framework first introduced by Harvard business professor and management consultant Michael E. Porter. It is specifically a tool for analyzing the competitive situation of an organization in consideration of the sector or industry in which it operates. Despite the advantages and corresponding widespread utilization of this model, it […]

SWOT Analysis: Benefits and Applications

The applications of the SWOT analytical framework or SWOT aablysis have been expansive because of its numerous benefits or advantages. Despite its limitations and drawbacks, it has been commonly used to analyze the internal and external situation of an organization, its strategy, products or services, and its processes or activities, among others. The Benefits of […]

SWOT Analysis: Limitations and Drawbacks

The SWOT analytical framework or SWOT matrix has been a popular tool for analyzing the internal and external situation of an organization. However, despite its notable advantages and applications, it has limitations and drawbacks that collectively correspond to insufficiencies in results. The Problems with SWOT Analysis 1. One of the major drawbacks of SWOT analysis is […]