MacKeeper Review: Is it Legit and Effective?

MacKeeper Review: Is it Legit and Effective?

MacKeeper is a bundled utility software for macOS that includes anti-malware, file encryption, data recovery, backup, and data erasure features. Developed by Kromtech Alliance, it has received negative reviews and criticisms both from tech journalists and users.

Features of MacKeeper

Because it is a utility software, the primary marketed purpose of MacKeeper is to optimize the performance of macOS and Mac computers, particularly through system, storage, and file management features.

The following are the specific features and functionalities:

• Anti-Malware Scanning: Based on the scanning engine of Avira for scanning and removing different types of malware such as viruses and adware.

• File/Folder Encryption: Filesystem-level encryption tool for encrypting files or folders with designated passwords.

• Data Management: Includes data recovery, cleanup of junk and duplicate files, memory cleaner, and uninstaller of widgets, plugins, and extensions.

• Privacy Tools: Includes a set of tools for blocking ads and web trackers, online identity protection, and encrypted and anonymous online browsing.

• Device Tracker: Find and control a lost or stolen Mac computer by pairing it to another device such as a smartphone or tablet computer.

Criticisms of MacKeeper

Despite the seemingly well-rounded utility application, MacKeeper has received mixed reviews, with numerous criticisms from tech reviewers and users who have questioned its effectiveness, relevance, and legitimacy.

Below are the major criticisms and drawbacks:

• Reviewers from online publishers such as Business Insider and iMore have advised users not to download and install the application because it does not work as advertised.

• In several user-reported instances, installing the application also installs adware disguised as browser plugins and cookies. It has also been criticized for being difficult to uninstall.

• Note that there is a free version of MacKeeper that gives users warnings about supposed system threats. However, it incessantly prompts users to purchase the full version.

• The marketing strategy and promotional techniques used by the developer that centered on online advertising have also been described as too aggressive and invasive.

• Because of the unfavorable perception toward the online advertising practices of its developer, most users perceive the application either as malware or scam.


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