2019 iPad Air Review: Pros and Cons

2019 iPad Air Review: Pros and Cons

The 2019 iPad Air is the third-generation iPad Air computer tablet designed, developed, and marketed by Apple. First announced in March 2019, its release marked an effort to bring back the Air series of iPad computers. Note that the second-generation iPad Air 2 was first released in October 2014 and re-released in September 2016 before the Cupertino discontinued its production and marketing in March 2017.

Pros of the 2019 iPad Air: Reasons Why You Should Buy

One of the advantages of the 2019 iPad Air over other iPad devices is that it comfortably sits between the third-generation iPad Pro and seventh-generation 2019 iPad. Hence, for individuals who find the Pro series too expensive, and the standard iPad series underwhelming, the third-generation iPad Air is a perfect choice.

This new device from Apple has other compelling selling propositions. Below are the other advantages and thus, reasons to buy the 2019 iPad Air:

• Processing capabilities are comparable to the second-generation iPad Pro. Note that the 2019 iPad runs on the Apple A12 Bionic Chip compared to the A10X Fusion Chip of the second-generation iPad Pro. However, note that this Pro counterpart has better RAM and graphic processing components.

• Better display from the improved Retina display based on in-plane switching LCD technology and the new laminated display configuration. A laminated display provides improved display quality, better outdoor visibility, wider viewing angle, and more responsive stylus input.

• Runs on the dedicated iPadOS, thus providing better multitasking functionality, as well as the inclusion of the Sidecar app that enables the iPad Air to function as a second monitor for macOS and support for external storage via USB flash drive or external hard disk drive or solid-state drive storages.

• Support for the Smart Keyboard and the first-generation Apple Pencil. Hence, coupled with powerful hardware, the 2019 iPad Air can be an effective productivity tool for word processing, presentations, image editing, and graphic design. To a certain extent, it is a more practical alternative to the iPad Pro.

• When compared to the 2019 iPad, remember that the notable pros of the 2019 iPad Air revolve around having a laminated display and a better CPU. When compared to the third-generation iPad Pro and the iPad Pro 2020, this new iPad Air retails at a starting price of USD 499.00 for the 65GB variant and USD 649 for the 256GB.

Cons of the 2019 iPad Air: Reasons Why You Should Not Buy

Of course, while the 2019 iPad Air is arguably one of the best tablet devices out there, it has some notable disadvantages or limitations. Take note of the following:

• One significant downside of the 2019 iPad Air is the outdated design that is reminiscent of the current 2019 iPad and the second-generation iPad Pro. The thicker bezel seems unappealing when compared to the larger screen real estate of the third-generation iPad Pro and even the Samsung Tab S6.

• It is not compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil. The first-generation Apple Pencil has several drawbacks. First, it needs to be plugged into the Lighting port for charging, unlike the magnet-based Apple Pencil 2. It also has a round design that makes it more likely to roll off on a flat surface.

• The third-generation iPad Pro, as well as the newer iPad Pro 2020, still win when it comes to hardware. It has a more powerful processing capability than the iPad, thus making it more suitable for heavier tasks such as lengthier video editing, complicated graphic designs, and music production. The Pro series also has a better audio quality due to its quad stereo as opposed to the two speakers of the Air.

Takeaway: Reasons Why You Should or Should Not Buy the 3rd-Generation iPad Air

The new iPad Air packs some serious computing capabilities. Hence, one primary reason to buy this device from Apple is that it is a better alternative and more practical alternative to the 2019 iPad and the third-generation iPad Pro.

With its limited disadvantages that can be easily ignored, the third-generation iPad Air offers real value for money. The support for the Smart Keyboard and the first-generation Apple Pencil, coupled with the iPadOS operating system, makes it a definite mobile productivity tool.

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