2019 iPad Quick Review: Pros and Cons

2019 iPad Review: Pros and Cons

Apple released the 2019 iPad on 25 September 2019 as a successor to the 2018 iPad and as the seventh generation product in its line of entry-level tablet computers.

The Pros of the 2019 iPad: Reasons Why You Should Buy

Sporting a larger display and support for snap-on keyboard accessories with its Smart Connector, this might be the most practical and ideal iPad for average users.

The following are the advantages of the seventh-generation iPad:

• Comes with a large 10.2-inch Retina display based on in-plane switching LCD technology. When compared to an OLED display, an IPS LCD has a longer lifespan and better color accuracy.

• One of the most affordable devices in the entire gadget lineup of Apple. The 32GB model based on solid-state storage retails at USD 329.

• The Smart Connector supports snap-on keyboard accessories, including the Apple Smart Keyboard, as well as third-party accessories from other manufacturers..

• There is also support for the first-generation Apple Pencil and for similar stylus from third-party manufacturers, thus making it an effective note-taking and sketching device.

• It is also compatible with the iPadOS, thus exploiting the advantages of the new dedicated iOS operating system to include improved multitasking features and file management system.

• The iPadOS is optimized for the Apple A10 Fusion processor for better software-hardware integration. The 2019 iPad also comes with 3GB of RAM.

The Cons of the 2019 iPad: Reasons Why You Should Not Buy

• The hardware improvements are very minimal when compared to the sixth-generation 2018 iPad and considering the 18-month gap with its predecessor.

• Note that the 32GB model is not enough given the app requirements of average users. Consumers would need to purchase the 128GB model that retails at higher price point of USD 429.

• It is also bigger and heavier than the 2018 iPad. Users from the Air or Pro variants of the Ipad would find this device heavy and bulky.

• The previous model or generation also sports an A10 processor. It is still available in some stores for a more affordable price.

• It does not have a laminated display compared to the iPad Air and iPad Pro 2019 or iPad Pro 2020. There is also no True Tone feature.

Takeaway: Should You Buy the Seventh-Generation iPad?

Apple has made a compelling case for purchasing a tablet computer and choosing the 2019 iPad. Despite its underwhelming hardware, especially when compared to the 2019 iPad Air and the iPad Mini 5, it is a perfect fit for average users who are looking for a versatile mobile computer. Remember that it remains the most affordable Apple computer in the market.

The iPadOS makes this device more than capable for browsing. It provides the iPad with multitasking capabilities for doing basic work. With a 3GB of RAM and a still-decent processor, it can also handle less graphic-intensive games.

However, although it remains capable, the older A10 processor might become underpowered with future updates to the iPadOS, and as apps take advantage of this dedicated operating system.

Take note that expanding the capabilities of this new entry-level iPad through keyboard and stylus accessories would cost more. These accessories are sold separately.

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