iPad Air 4 Quick Review: Pros and Cons

iPad Air 4 Quick Review: Pros and Cons

The iPad Air 4 or the iPad Air 2020 is the fourth-generation iPad under the “Air” product line announced by Apple Inc. on 15 September 2020. The new device features the newer A14 Bionic chip processor and a revamped design similar to the 11-inch iPad Pro 2020 characterized by rounded corners and slimmer bezels on all sides.

Pros of the iPad Air 4: Reasons Why You Should Buy

Similar to the 2019 iPad Air, a key advantage of the iPad Air 4 is that it is placed between the eight-generation standard iPad and the fourth-generation iPad Pro, especially with regard to price and performance.

The following are the advantages and reasons to buy this new device from Apple:

• The newer A14 Bionic processor provides the new Air with processing capabilities better than the third-generation or 2018 iPad Pro. Furthermore, a comparison with the 11-inch iPad Pro 2020 reveals that it performs faster in single-core processing.

• New design gives this device a sleeker and modern look comparable to the latest generation top-tier tablet computers. The rounded corners, removal of the Home button, slimmer bezels, and wider screen-to-body ratio make it look similar to the Pro.

• It can also work like the Pro. Another advantage of the iPad Air 4 is that its capable CPU and GPU, as well as considerable RAM, allow it to run tasks with ease. It is also compatible with the Apple Pencil 2, the Magic Keyboard, and the Smart Folio Keyboard.

• This device can essentially be used for sketching and digital painting, as well as for notetaking. It is compatible with all of the functionalities of the Apple Pencil 2.

• When equipped with a wireless keyboard and a trackpad or mouse, it can be an effective productivity tool for word processing, presentation, image editing, graphic design, and some degree of video editing.

• The Air also comes with a bigger 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display based on in-plane switching or IPS LCD technology. It has a pixel density of 264, 500 nits of maximum brightness, True-Tone, and a wide color gamut.

Because it runs on the latest version of the iPadOS, it can run the native multitasking feature of the operating system. The USB-C port provides support for dongles and external storage via a solid-state drive or USB flash drive.

Note that the A14 is more advanced than the A12Z found in the iPad Pro 2020. It is based on the 5-nanometer manufacturing process. Hence, it is inherently faster because it packs more transistors and is considerably future-proof.

Cons of the iPad Air 4: Reasons Why You Should Not Buy

The revamped design of the iPad Air 4 and the fact that it features the latest chipset from Apple make it one of the best tablet devices in the market. However, there are some cons or disadvantages stemming from price and model configurations, among others.

Below are the disadvantages or drawbacks and reasons why you should not buy of this device:

• One drawback of the iPad Air 4 is that its base model starts at 64GB. The next variant is at 256GB, but its price point is closer to the 128GB variant of the 11-inch iPad Pro 2020. Some consumers might have a hard time deciding between the two.

• The Pro still has better hardware specifications. It is important to note that the A14 configuration of the Air is built on power efficiency, while the A12Z of the Pro is designed for multitasking and multi-core applications.

• Another drawback is the absence of a flash in the rear camera. Cameras on a tablet can be negligible. However, there are some specific use-case situations for having a better camera system. For example, the flash on the Pro makes it more ideal for scanning documents in low-light environments.

• The Air only has dual speakers despite having four grills. The Pro has quad speakers and, thus, better sound output characterized by deeper bass and crispier highs. The Pro has dual microphones, and it has better sound input than the single microphone of the Air.

• Price can also be an issue for some. It is still an expensive device. There are other options in the market, including the Android tablets from Samsung and Huawei and the eight-generation iPad.

• Note that the eight-generation iPad has the performance capabilities similar to the iPad Air 3 of 2019 at a more affordable price point. Plus, it also supports Apple Pencil and the Smart Folio Keyboard.

In a Nutshell: Why You Should or Should Not Buy the 2020 4th-Gen iPad Air?

The new Air is somewhat a better choice between the eight-generation iPad and the iPad Pro 2020. More specifically, for individuals who find the Pro too expensive and over-the-top and the standard iPad underwhelming, the iPad Air 4 is the best choice.

Of course, this device has some drawbacks and limitations. However, these cons or disadvantages can be easily ignored. Its strongest selling proposition is that it features the newer A14 Bionic processor based on the 5-nanometer manufacturing process. Arguably, the iPad Air 4 will remain a capable table device for the next couple of years.

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