5 Tips for Effective and Successful Email Marketing

5 Tips for Successful Email Marketing

Below are five quick and easy-to-follow tips for effective and successful email marketing:

1. Personalization: Personalize the email by adding the name of the recipients on the subject line and the email body. Include additional but limited client-specific information. Maintain a personal tone to the marketing messages.

2. Incentives: Encourage people to subscribe to your mailing list or entice existing recipients to habitually open your emails by providing incentives such as discount codes or coupons and providing freebies such as e-books or informative videos, among others.

3. Email Should Be Appealing: Personalized subject line can get the attention of the recipients. However, the email body should be visually appealing as well. Use the right amount and combination of headlines and images to highlight the marketing message.

4. Consider Frequency: Too frequent emails can discourage recipients with a high level of purchase history from you. But less frequent ones can also discourage recipients with a low level of purchase history. Understand the behavior of your recipients.

5. Link Placement: Proper placement of links is also key to successful email marketing campaigns. Links placed on the right area of the email body have low response rates while those placed on the left region have higher impacts. In addition, those links placed on the top-left region have the highest.

Additional Reminder for Effective Email Campaigns

Marketers and organizations should first have adequate knowledge and capabilities of how marketing via email works. Doing so requires understanding its advantages and benefits, as well as its drawbacks and limitations.

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